MagicTrap - the digital yellow trap for rapeseed

The MagicTrap has a high-resolution camera that takes photos of the contents of the yellow trap at regular intervals and sends them by mobile phone. The images are automatically analyzed and the results are then made available in the MagicScout app on your smartphone.

The ultimate productivity toolkit

Analyzes the typical rapeseed pests and counts how many there are.
The energy requirement is covered 100% by solar energy and stored in the battery.
The trap is connected via mobile radio and always dials into the best wireless network.
Automatic detection

Recognize pests and act immediately.

Nothing escapes its gaze. The MagicTrap independently monitors your field and lets you know as soon as action is required.

Always informed

News directly from your yellow bowl. Live from the field.

If there is a heavy influx of pests, your yellow bowl notifies you automatically. You receive a push notification directly on your smartphone and can view the analysis.

Simply faster

Automatic analysis.

All the images you receive from your MagicTrap are automatically analyzed by an artificial intelligence system. So you know immediately how the influx of oilseed rape beetles, weevils and earth fleas is - without having to count them by hand!

Choose your software license

With the right software license, you are always up-to-date and receive images from your field every day.

49€ per year
Software license for up to 2 MagicTraps. Includes mobile data, image analysis and software updates.
99€ per year
Software license for up to 5 MagicTraps. Includes mobile data, image analysis and software updates.
149€ per year
Software license for up to 10 MagicTraps. Includes mobile data, image analysis and software updates.
Reliable and maximally self-sufficient.
With the MagicTrap, you are always aware of the current pest pressure in your field from anywhere. This allows you to react more quickly in the event of an infestation, leaving you more time for other tasks.

Individual components

Modular design

Camera module
With solar panel and high-resolution camera
Trap body
Robust housing for any weather
Bee protection grid
Protects bees and other beneficial insects
Joint bracket for optimum alignment

Images, analyses, approach and damage thresholds directly on your smartphone.

The MagicTrap has a high-resolution camera that photographs the contents of the trap at regular intervals and sends it by mobile phone. The data received is analyzed by our system and then made available to you in the MagicScout app on your phone.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Contact our [customer support team]().

Can there be a purchase on account?

Unfortunately, no purchase on account can take place, because we are limited to direct debit and credit card for technical reasons.

Do I need cellular reception at the installation site?

Yes, the MagicTrap needs cellular reception to send the captured images to your phone. For more information on cellular reception, check here.

In which countries is the MagicTrap available?

At the moment you can only buy our MagicTrap for Germany in our webshop. In order to process an order accordingly, we need a German shipping and billing address.

However, we are already working on distributing and providing our MagicTrap in other countries soon.

To stay up to date, please keep an eye on our website - as soon as there is news, we will publish it.

Do I need an app to use the MagicTrap?

To use the MagicTrap, you need our MagicScout app, in which you can integrate it.

The MagicScout app is available for free in the Google Play Store (Android) or in the Apple App Store (iOS).

Download the app now and connect your MagicTrap in just a few steps!

Why does the app say that I do not have a license?

In the heat of unpacking and setting up the MagicTrap, it can happen that you use a different email address than the one you used when you purchased the MagicTrap.

Your license is linked to the email address you used when you purchased the MagicTrap.
For an error-free linking of the physical MagicTrap trap with the MagicTrap software, the same email address must be used when creating the MagicScout user account as when ordering in the webshop. This way your account can be connected to the MagicTrap afterwards without any problems.

If you have registered in the app with a different email address, we can also adjust the license manually. Please send us a short message to our customer service and we will take care of it as soon as possible!

Where can I enter my coupon code?

You can enter your voucher code during the order process.

You will find the corresponding line in the payment step below the subtotal - simply copy the code, enter it and you are one step closer to your own MagicTrap!


Better information, better decisions.
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