Better information, better decisions.

MagicScout is the tool for the crop professional. Structure your field observations to make better decisions. Save time by identifying the causes of damage in seconds and automate your field inspections.

Identify problems

Let the integrated image recognition identify and document weeds, diseases and pests for you.

Analyze agricultural weather

Understand even better how your stocks are evolving, what is stressing them, and when you should respond.

Generate field profile

MagicScout creates a clear field profile for you. So you have all important information available at any time and any place.

Automate field tours

Want to monitor your stock remotely? With MagicTrap you can be in the field at any time without being in the field.

The image recognition takes over your work.

Imagine if you just had to take a picture. Nothing more.

Weed detection. Without internet.

Lightning-fast detection of weeds, even without internet in the field. Point your camera at individual weeds and document them and their growth stage.

Analyze plant diseases.

Detection of foliar diseases in major crops in seconds.

Never evaluate yellow trays manually again.

Take a photo of your yellow pan. Get back in seconds the number and type of pests.

Location accurate weather data and application windows.

Location-accurate weather data and application windows.

Field-based Bonitur.

MagicScout automatically organizes your observations and analyses based on your plotted field boundaries.

MagicTrap. The digital yellow tray for canola.

Always wanted to monitor your crops remotely? With the smart insect trap MagicTrap you can be in the field at any time without being in the field. Connect your digital yellow trap with MagicScout to react even faster to pest influxes.

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