Better information, better decisions.

The tool for the farming professional. Record and organise your field observations to make better decisions. Save time by identifying problems in seconds and digitalise your crop walking.

Ready to go in 2 minutes.

Identify problems
Let the integrated image recognition identify and document weeds, diseases and pests for you.
Field specific weather
Get localised weather to better understand crop development, field conditions and when you should react.
Build up field records
MagicScout saves a clear field profile for you. This means you have all the important information available at any time and in any place.
Automate crop walking
Do you want to monitor your crops remotely? With the MagicTrap, you can be in the field at any time without being in the field.

Weed identification. Without internet.

Lightning-fast identification of weeds, even in the field without internet. Point your camera at individual weeds and document them and their growth stage.


Analyse plant diseases.

Identification of foliar diseases in the most important crops in seconds.


Never evaluate yellow traps manually again.

Take a photo of your yellow trap. Get the number and type of pests back in seconds.

Ready to go in 2 minutes.
Information is valuable. Start now - Get to know MagicScout.

Field-specific weather data and application windows.

View accurate local weather data and identify application windows.


Digital scouting records.

MagicScout automatically organises your observations and analysis, saving them against specific field records.

Ready to go in 2 minutes.
Information is valuable. Start now - Get to know MagicScout.
Now new

MagicTrap. The digital yellow trap for oilseed rape.

Have you always wanted to monitor your crops remotely? With the smart, connected MagicTrap, you can be in the field at any time, without being in the field. Connect your digital yellow trap to MagicScout to remotely monitor pest infestations.

Can I use MagicScout without the Internet?

You can use the MagicScout app to some extent without an internet connection.

Captured images are saved and uploaded and analyzed at the next opportunity.

You can also easily install the AI models to directly identify weeds, diseases and pests live and without an internet connection.

This can be done under Profile App Settings Camera Settings Live Detection without Internet.

Which weeds, diseases and pests does MagicScout detect?

The image recognition models of the MagicScout app identify various pest, weed and disease species.

You can get a detailed overview of the individual species directly in the app:

Camera Weeds / Diseases / Traps i Further information

Is the use of the app free of charge?

Yes, you can install the MagicScout app for free from the App Store or Google Play and get started right away!

Do I need an account to use the app?

No! You can use the MagicScout app and its features without a user profile.

However, creating a free user account comes with many benefits, such as creating and saving personalized fields and observations.

For linking a MagicTrap, on the other hand, an account is mandatory.

How can I delete my account?

Follow the steps in the app to delete your account:

Profile ➔ My account ➔ Delete user account

Why does the app say that my trap is already claimed?

In most cases you will get this notification if the MagicTrap is already used with another account. If you are sure that you have not claimed your MagicTrap yet, please contact us directly using the contact form.

Can I access MagicScout with multiple smartphones?

Yes, this is possible! You can use the MagicScout app with multiple smartphones/tablets. When you log in with the same account on different devices, you will also see all the data associated with your account. This includes, for example, your fields, MagicTraps and observations.

Ready to go in 2 minutes.
Information is valuable. Start now - Get to know MagicScout.