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New Features


The MagicScout family is growing. In addition to scouting with smartphones and digital yellow traps, MagicScout Air adds field scouting using drones.

Faster than you can write creeping thistle. MagicScout helps you to identify and document problems in the field. Would you like to view the situation in your MagicTrap from a distance? That is also possible. MagicScout is also responsible for viewing evaluations of your drone flights. This app provides you with all these functions and information so that you can make better decisions.

All new features at a glance.

Scouting with the smartphone
Use the integrated image recognition to make entries faster than you can type.
Scouting with smart traps
Use our MagicTraps to automate your pest monitoring and be proactively informed in the event of an infestation.
Scouting with the drone
Use drones to get an overview of even large fields faster than ever before with MagicScout Air.
New Features


The MagicTrap has a high-resolution camera that takes photos of the contents of the yellow bowl at regular intervals and sends them by mobile phone. The images are automatically analyzed and the results are then made available in the MagicScout app on your smartphone.

Being in the field without being in the field. If there is a heavy influx of pests, your yellow trap will notify you automatically. You receive a push notification directly on your smartphone and can act immediately if necessary. For even better collaboration on your farm, you can also share your MagicTrap with your colleagues.

All new features at a glance.

Push notifications
Receive push notifications directly on your smartphone in the event of a critical approach.
Sharing feature
Share the insights of your MagicTraps for better collaboration in the company.
More trap types
Our new glue trap enables many new applications in different crops.
From 2024

MagicScout Air

Benefit from automated flight planning and control thanks to the simplified operation of MagicScout Air. Use your drone for various agricultural applications with intelligent image recognition and interpretation of the results.

Field tours that fly by. Discover a new perspective on your fields with MagicScout Air. The innovative and cost-effective drone solution enables farmers to monitor their fields more efficiently and effectively than ever before. With automated flight planning and control, MagicScout Air's user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly inspect large acreages from the air.

MagicScout Air's image analysis and interpretation of results gives you deeper insights into the health of your crops. Learn more about the revolutionary possibilities MagicScout Air offers for modern farmers during the premiere at Agritechnica!

All core functions at a glance.

Planning and control
Simple and reliable flight planning and drone control for your fields.
Vegetation analysis
Simple identification of weed nests in different field regions.
Plant analysis
Identification of crops and weeds. Detection of double and missing spots to identify problems.
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Development Project

Spot Spraying

Drones in combination with ISOBUS sprayers can make a significant contribution to effective weed management. State-of-the-art drone technology makes it possible to automatically fly over fields with high area coverage and generate high-resolution images.

Small decisions, big savings. Small decisions that make the difference. After analyzing and identifying the weeds, application maps are created. These can be sent wirelessly to a newly developed InCab device. This means that not only site-loyal weeds can be effectively controlled. A wide range of applications in addition to sugar beet, maize, cereals and thistle control offer year-round application possibilities.

Spot Spraying briefly explained.

Upgrade for your sprayer
Make your ISOBUS crop protection sprayer capable of spot spraying.
Drone-based image capture
In order to be able to make site-specific decisions, the entire field is flown before application.
A wide variety of applications
Weeds are localized and identified on the basis of the images collected. Based on this, site-specific application maps are created.
No compatibility problems whatsoever
Created application maps are sent wirelessly directly to a device that controls the sections of the standard ISOBUS syringe.
Development Project


The MagicSprayer is Bayer's entry into ultra-high-precision application technology in order to be able to offer holistic solutions from a single source, consisting of agronomic precision farming knowledge and our crop protection portfolio.

Million decisions per hectare. From one to millions of decisions per hectare. As a spot sprayer, the MagicSprayer impresses with its exceptionally small spot size and a powerful algorithm that makes millions of decisions per hectare. The MagicSprayer is not limited to herbicide application, but offers a wide range of application possibilities through various modes.

The integration of this technology with crop protection solutions and agronomic knowledge maximizes customer benefits and the potential of the ultra-precise application of the MagicSprayer.

All core functions at a glance.

Ultra-high precision application
Precise application of plant protection products on a minimum area of 4x4 cm.
Targeted efficiency
Adjustable minimum distance to crops for maximum protection and potential yield increase.
Solutions from a single source
With MagicSprayer, crop protection products, agronomy and application technology come from a single source. By coordinating development, we can offer you the best solution.

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