⚠️ WARNING: Please read the following safety and warning instructions carefully before operating the MagicTrap. Failure to follow these instructions and information may result in fires, electric shocks, or other injuries or damage to the MagicTrap or other property.

Purpose. The MagicTrap is a digital yellow tray or insect trap. For its intended purpose, the camera module should only be placed above the trap body. Attachment to the cover grid facilitates this, ensuring that only the interior of the trap is photographed in an ideal position. Avoid using it to photograph other objects or people, as this does not fulfill the purpose of this device.

Storage. To avoid permanent internal or external damage to the product, do not store the MagicTrap at temperatures below freezing or above 30 degrees Celsius for extended periods. Prolonged exposure to vibration or oscillation can also cause irreversible damage to the product. Recommended storage is at room temperature in a dry environment to prevent damage to the battery and other components.

Handling and Use. Handle your MagicTrap with care. The housing is made of plastic, and inside are sensitive electronic components. Do not puncture or break the device or the battery, expose the MagicTrap or the battery to open flames or liquids, and do not drop the device. Do not continue to use the device in case of suspected damage, as it may lead to overheating or injuries. Do not use the device if the solar module protection has cracks, as this can result in injuries. Cracks, breaks, and sharp edges on the plastic housing can also cause injuries.

Assembly and Installation. Use only the components included in the package for assembly to avoid damaging the MagicTrap. The use of additional components, such as screws or nails, may cause damage. After installing the MagicTrap, ensure that the camera module is not used at temperatures below freezing or above 30 degrees Celsius for extended periods. It is recommended to uninstall the MagicTrap during extreme weather conditions to prevent irreversible damage.

Always ensure that you remove the device from the field before any pesticide application to avoid contamination. Wait before reinstalling and follow the instructions of the pesticide manufacturer.

Maintenance. During maintenance, such as changing and refilling water, pay special attention to the camera module to avoid damage. Do not place your MagicTrap on the ground to prevent damage during maintenance. Use the provided hook on the bracket for safe storage during maintenance. Ensure that the camera module does not come into contact with water permanently or for an extended period. Always wear gloves during maintenance to avoid contact with possible residues of chemical pesticides. Clean the device if necessary before maintenance with a damp cloth.

Avoiding Misuse. To ensure safe and responsible use of the MagicTrap, carefully read the QuickStart Guide before use. For specific usage situations, refer to the detailed user manual, which can be found on our website (support.magicscout.app). Print and keep this manual in a safe and accessible place.

Repair. Never attempt to open and repair the MagicTrap yourself. Disassembling the device may cause irreversible damage, loss of spray and water resistance, or injuries. Always contact Bayer if the MagicTrap is damaged or malfunctions. Repairs not performed by Bayer may involve non-original parts that can adversely affect the safety and functionality of the device. For more information on repair and service, visit the website at support.magicscout.app.

Battery. Do not attempt to replace the battery in the MagicTrap yourself. The lithium-ion battery in the device must be replaced by knowledgeable personnel, in this case, by Bayer. Improper replacement or improper repair can damage the battery and lead to overheating or injuries. Dispose of old devices through special collection and return systems, not in household waste. For more information on the return system and recycling, visit the website at support.magicscout.app.

Charging. The MagicTrap contains a solar module that powers the device during operation. Place the MagicTrap with the solar panel facing up on your field, ensuring no shadows occur at the chosen location. It is advisable to fully charge the device before use to achieve quick readiness in the field. Use only the supplied USB-A-to-USB-C charging cable and ensure that the process takes place in dry, well-ventilated indoor conditions that meet storage conditions. Make sure the USB plug is securely inserted into the designated socket.

Radio Frequencies. The MagicTrap uses radio signals to connect to a wireless network (WLAN), in accordance with Directive 2014/53/EU. For more information, refer to the technical notes under "EU Conformity."

Explosive Atmosphere. Do not charge or use the MagicTrap in areas with explosive atmospheres, such as rooms with a high concentration of flammable chemicals, vapors, or particles (grain dust, dust, metallic powders, etc.). Operating the MagicTrap in environments with high concentrations of industrial chemicals (including liquefied gases such as helium near the vaporization temperature and/or pesticides) can damage the device and impair MagicTrap functionality. Follow all signs, warnings, and instructions.

Suffocation Risk. Certain MagicTrap parts may pose a suffocation risk to infants and toddlers. Keep accessories, such as the cover and screws, away from infants and toddlers.

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