Technical Notes

Read the MagicTrap user manual at carefully before using the MagicTrap. Keep the documentation for reference purposes.

Safety and Handling

Refer to the "Safety and Warning Information" in the MagicTrap user manual or within the Technical Notes.

Battery and Charging

Do not attempt to replace the battery in the MagicTrap yourself. The lithium-ion battery in the device must be replaced by knowledgeable personnel, in this case, by Bayer. Improper replacement or improper repair can damage the battery and lead to overheating or injuries. Dispose of old devices through special collection and return systems, not in household waste. For more information on the return system and recycling, visit the website at Charging information can be found under "Safety and Warning Information" in the MagicTrap user manual and in the Technical Notes.

One-Year Limited Warranty – Summary

Bayer provides a one-year warranty from the date of original purchase that the hardware product and accessories are free from material and manufacturing defects. Bayer's warranty does not apply to defects resulting from wear and tear or damage caused by an accident or misuse. In case of service needs, contact Bayer. Available service options depend on the country where the service is sought. Product service may be limited to the country where the device was purchased. Phone charges and international shipping costs may apply depending on the country. Complete warranty terms and detailed service information are available at the following address: For eligible warranty claims, Bayer may repair, replace, or refund the purchase price at its discretion. Warranty services apply in addition to the provisions defined in local consumer protection laws. Upon request, provide the purchase receipt when making warranty claims. This warranty does not limit statutory warranties in any way.

Regulatory Information

All regulatory certification information is available at

EU/UK Declaration of Conformity

Bayer AG hereby declares that this wireless device complies with Directive 2014/53/EU and adheres to the Radio Equipment Regulations 2017. A copy of the Declaration of Conformity is available at

Frequency Maximum Power
EGSM 900 32.71 dBm
DCS 1800 29.92 dBm
FDD-LTE (1, 3, 7, 8, 20, 28) 22.6 dBm (Band 1), 22.9 dBm (Band 3), 23.0 dBm (Band 7),
23.0 dBm (Band 8), 22.8 dBm (Band 20), 24.2 dBm (Band 28)
TDD-LTE (34, 38, 40) 22.6 dBm (Band 34), 22.4 dBm (Band 38), 22.7 dBm (Band 40)
2.4 GHz (WLAN) 17.64 dBm

European Union - Disposal Information

The symbol above indicates that this product and/or the battery must be disposed of in accordance with applicable legal regulations and separately from household waste. If this product needs to be disposed of, take it to an official collection point. Separate collection and recycling conserve natural resources and ensure compliance with all regulations protecting health and the environment during product and/or battery recycling. Therefore, old devices must not be disposed of in household waste but only through special collection and return systems. For more information on the return system and recycling, visit the website at


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